Ok, so. Dealing with this whole SHE thing. If we want sustainable hospitality we need to start changing the way we eat. No meat is a good start. But we also need to start buying only locally grown organic foods.

It would be nice if we could find a small farmer in the area from whom we could get fresh milk and eggs. A produce farmer would also be nice to know. We could do weekly shipments.

Foods like sugar, coffe, and the like that cannot be bought locally should all be fair trade, in suport of small organic farmers in poor countries.

Since many people do not have the money to be buying such we could sell casa food products to squats, friends, and neighbors. Dumpester dived jams, if we can work a deal with a local farmer for raw milk we can make cheese. Pasta madre needs to be resurected.

There have already been several jams made. If anyone has jars please bring them over. We are all out of jars!


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re: the chickens..... it's

re: the chickens..... it's not necessary. we don't NEED eggs nor meat! if people are not willing to take care of the house kitten, imagine what they would do to some roof chickens! (my mouth hangs open)

as for honey... there is not much honey produced in NL because the climate is fucking cold and rainy! go to portugal for that!

* * *

davide, i agree on the jam front a long time ago. i would love to come and help in making jams sometime! yes!
um... we have tons of old jars saved here in istanbul, but i'm not about to hitch them over there because probably they will break and/or weigh a ton.

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who is not willing to take

who is not willing to take care of the kitten?

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who is not willing to take

who is not willing to take care of the kitten?

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I agree on the consuption of

I agree on the consuption of less egs and dairy product. But I do believe that we have to support our local farmers for whatever eggs and dairy we do eat.

I menetioned foods that can not be produced locally, they should be bought fair trade. There are many obvious things that cannot be produced locally but are 'needed'.

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right, support the local

right, support the local farmers FOR SURE. i.e. in istanbul, we also boycott ├╝lker products.
i was just saying that having chickens on the casa roof would be absurd considering our particular predicaments.

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amlyn, are you saying

amlyn, are you saying implicitly that the goats are may be good idea?
an sure, you dont need eggs (who needs eggs?) but when I was there people
had eggs almost everyday

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:) goats. unfortunately,

:) goats. unfortunately, casa is not big enough for them, and we have no yard :(

but joris used to have goats, and maybe he still does....

petter wrote a story about biking there with kasper, on this very website, but i can't find the story for now, so here's a link to the google cached version:

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IMHO, animal products should

IMHO, animal products should ideally as small-scale, local and organic produced as they can bc that bears the best chances for controlable good living conditions for the animals (but not only :). BUT shouldn't we make sure there is a working concept for paying the rent before starting into theoretical fights what food quality is worth money?

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have you considered breeding chickes on the roof of the house?
I am not going to suggest a cow, but goats? er.. taking the concept of sustainable living to the extreme, you could have bees and make your own honey.
alternative: find a patch of land where you can set up a farm and I ll be back

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food coop

I think regarding the farmer deal you will either need someone hitching/biking to the farm every week or you might have to do it on a larger scale. We founded a FoodCoop in Berlin and we get our stuff from the best organic food distributor in Berlin, because it was uneconomical for a farmer to drive to Berlin, even for several coops (and we're talking about a 50-70 members each here).
But there should be other people interested or even doing this already.
Someone in Berlin even wrote some kind of online shop for the weekly orders, which includes keeping track of the accounts etc., if you get to the point where you could use a need rails app contact me :)

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food coop amsterdam

SInce a year now Amsterdam also finally has a coop, Vokum Mokum.

Their last meeting has just been, but keep an eye on the site for the next!

Also, De Boterbloem is the closest organic farm in Amsterdam (west). It is threatened to be closed down though. You can also work on this farm in exchange of food.

People at Vokum Mokum know more about this... Very worthwile investigating...