Valentina's box operation

4 of us hit the road towards Valentina's box with our toughest bikes this morning. The sun was quite hard on our delicate skins... Which makes me wonder if the topless girl in the park had any sunblock spread.

We got to the target area, spotted number 50. But where was that door? It took us a while to understand the bell system in this modern bunker-like constructions. Then the bell ringing began, but Resi was not answering. Smartly, we went around and saw an open window. The girl in that apartment claimed to know NO PEOPLE in the building. Note> the building has around 50 aparments. Resi was not answering her phone either, so we started to wonder if the hour and 10 mins delay could be related to our unsuccess. We left a note for her in her mailbox.
The 4 of us came back very unhappy.

Back home, after noting that I had lost the key for the black bitch bike, I read an email from Resi. She was there waiting for us the whole time. But, how could that be possible? Could she not hear the bell, or the screams? Maybe the fact that we were ringing number 50 of a different street could have been preventing her from reacting. In any case, it was strange.

A new operation had to be scheduled.

It took place at midnight, and only 3 braves of us participated.
We got to her door straight, no doubts this time. Resi leaded me to the box. The idea we had about it didn't really match the reality. It was a decently sized box, but it did fit on one bike.

Although I lost another key during the midnight mission (yes, for another lock,) the box is finally at home, waiting for a lucky room to host it.

Also, on the way back, I heroically saved Roy from a situation that could have ended with him getting deported back to his country, possibly not before spending a couple of nights in jail, perhaps with at least of his flutes in his ass... But that's another story.


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we were lucky there were 3 of

we were lucky there were 3 of us, the box weighed too little for a one man operation

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my gracias

Thanks guys for the double mission... I should have worned u Resi is pretty peculiar...

I1m curious about Roy's story now...

lots of love from sunny Budapest