how difficult it is to keep in touch

I am not feeling that well meanwhile I am in mz last day of trip in Budapest.
So, taking advantage of the silente house of our host and of her laptop, I am starting collecting e/mails from Casapeople, so that I can keep in touch with all of you.
Surpraisingly, is way more difficult of what I tought. E/mails are somehow hidden, and even more impossible to find are physical adress.
Well, I know we are all sort of nomads with no stable house anywhere, but... How can I send you lightfoot letters if nobody nowadays uses physical adress anymore?

Then, I would like to ask to our Casageeks, if there is anyway to have access to the e/mails of the people who are your friends in the system and if it is possible to add in the subscription form a space for the adress.

Meanwhile my friends, please send me an e/mail with your contacts using the contact form of my profile... Hard life of digital connections...

molto amore a tutti

PS. How do u keep track of friends? Reveal me your secrets...


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See you in NYC!

you can use the CONTACT link, and it will send an email via casa, to which a person can reply directly to YOUR email. Not sure if this was intentional, but it allows people to contact YOU back via email directly without making everyone's email public. Just a thought...

Also, do you know where you'll be in NYC? When I go back on the 15th, I'll be staying for a LONG time (weeks/months) at my parents in Greenwich, CT just 30 min. by MetroNorth train to Grand Central. Also, both of my brothers live in NYC (Manhattan and Brooklyn), so I'll be in the city fairly often. You've always got a place to crash in Greenwich if you want to get out of the city for a spell!

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I know the contcat method but

I know the contcat method but I wanna be ablke to sedn group messages to more than one person.
I will be in NY on the 2nd, looking for places where to stay. I d love to visit greenwich and to hug u there or in town. drop me an e/mail once u are there.

More casa people on the gooooo

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I can access them from the

I can access them from the administrator panel when I go to edit their profile, but I don't think there's a way for regular users to do it.


Miss you valentina. For what it's worth, mine is bobbyholley (gmail)

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Ah Ah...
I am admin too
But I think we should have a better way for everyone to find everyone...
Maybe Marc, Kasper or Anu can make the magic...

I miss u too, and I miss yoiur long e/mails. What happen next< How was project volunteering seeing w your eyes? When are u gonna be back in USA so we can meet there?

Many many hugs