Coming home

Coming home

As soon as the traveling Pasta Madre came to Italy, several miracles happened. The process of levitare/ rising is amazing, and the taste is as never before. Would it be because it is closer to where it originated from, or maybe because it is now mixed with his brother and sister bacterias that were left in Berlin just before they arrived in Amsterdam? Or because Charlie and I both were playing with the dough? Who knows... But tomato bread with tomatoes grown from the garden is definitely the best.


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crecer y compartir

oh yes, home made bread with tomatoes from own/community garden that were fed with water sun love and music... shared ...

I wonder how is going the PastaMadre I left at PachaMama... When I was leaving we doubled it and everyone from the house put his energy/touch/thoughts into it. Then we devided it by half... One half stayed there and the other half went travelling.

As for me, here PastaMadre doesnt grow that much as at home. Well, maybe I am too far from Italy, or I dont travel enough or probably because I got used to crazy growth from PachaMama - it is a kind of magic place where everything/everyone grows more than normally ;)

Anyway, with tomatoes it is really nice to have quite salty bread with nutmeg and a pinch of cinnamon and ginger.

Actually, I will go now to refresh the PastaMama for tomorrow's bread ;)

Robin, did I say thank you?

crecer y compartir

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il viaggio infinito

pastaMadre travels between peoples beyond the territory, it multiplies, feeding the desire to meet and share ... there are those who can ... and who is not!

Guardate...non ho avuto il tempo per "masticare" anche l'inglese...emmm...quindi in italiano volevo dire....

"pastaMadre viaggia tra i popoli, supera i confini, si moltiplica, sfama la voglia di incontrare e condividere...c'è chi può...e chi non c'è!!!"

chi vuole capire (scusate) ma se lo traduca!!!

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PastaMadre, Pazienza y Tempo-NoTempo

Capiamo un po.
Non capisco bene che vuol dire "c'è chi può...e chi non c'è!!!"

chi è "chi non c'è"?

Ti voglio dire che la Pasta Madre mi ha cambiato la vita. È una cosa che mi ha insegnato come è importante di "crecer y compartir". Gia lo sapevo ma La Paste Madre ha dato una forma concreta ai miei sentimenti. Grazie Millllle Walter!

Actually, I always had problems with time counting. Now I count months with Moon and weeks with Paste Madre.

Maga Lena

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Grazie a voi, grazie a Casa Robino, grazie a te Lena! Grande!!!
Non c'è chi si dissolve nel nulla, chi non partecipa, chi non vuol condividere e si nega! C'è chi vede un'umanità diversa. Chi vive e condivide.
Spero che la magia dell'incontro, della conoscenza e dello scambio possa portare bene a tutti.
Il viaggio continua. La magia anche!
Buon viaggio!

"There is no" one who dissolves in nothing, who doesn`t participate, those who doesn`t share and denies!"There is" one who see different humanity. Who lives and shares.
I hope the magic of meeting...others see a different humanity.... and exchange could bring good to all.The journey continues. Magic too!
Good journey!


p.s. grazie Nadya!!! ;@'

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More pastamadre

More pastamadre is in the process of being produced with a mix of american-italian elements:
biologic/organic/farm made honey from Italy (Florence)
organic flour from USA
organic coop locally produced apple from Brooklyn
water (from the tap)
air (from snoopy gang bang loft in Kent street, NY).

the pastamadre is spreading around...

love and hugs

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Cheers to all of you, viva la

Cheers to all of you, viva la pastamadre!

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until the "end" of the world!

I love you!
The pastaMadre is already in the world and I prepare my "road" around the world!