Up in the mountains watching the fiery red sun set turn in to the black night, illuminated only by a bright ball in the sky, life flashes past your eyes.

Sitting by a beautiful beach, listening to the ocean roar. Realizing how small we are.

In a Casa, somewhere in Amsterdam, eating a dumpster-dived meal, surrounded by those we love, singing, laughing, dancing.

No matter where we are, who we are with, we must recall the The Fifty-third Calypso of Bokononism:

"Oh, a sleeping drunkard,
Up in Central Park,
And a lion-hunter
In the jungle dark,
And a Chinese dentist,
And a British queen--
All fit together
In the same machine.
Nice, nice, very nice;
Nice, nice, very nice;
Nice, nice, very nice--
So many different people
In the same device."

I am there with you, as you are here with me. Distance means nothing.

All these things we have done and seen, all connect in this wonderful web of life.

I miss everyone I have ever met. I miss all the wonderful things that we have ever done together... From my first day of school, to the last, up until I found the casa, then the day I left it. Once I returned. And again I departed, not knowing where the road would take me, but here I am. Thinking about the past. And wondering what the future holds.

What does the future hold? Do they call it the present because the future gives it to you?


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Taking to the past

A beautiful description which takes me to the past and making me to think about going to the school once again and enjoy it.It also creates the eagerness in going to the future which is always unknown that how it will be to anyone.

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Status: continuum


dcarpano does not have a status

its a good thing, cause any status is temporally bound

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connecting to the present

bella davide

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there's only now

wow... the last sentence is really beautiful