death of a plant

One of the great things that I learned about farming/ gardening before I actually started doing it was: "just try". And if things don't work out like you envisioned, you know what to do different next time... So far we had no problems, the ruccola was growing nicely, and so are the snap peas, green beans and the about 10 different herbs that we are growing. With the help of Derick, who build boxes for on top of the roof and dumpster dived glasses, we even have several greenhouses.

And here came the mistake.

So far the weather had not been very warm but yesterday was above 20 degrees and full sunshine, and whereas the ruccola inside the little greenhouse on the balcony was still growing nicely in the morning, by late afternoon the leaves had completely dried out because of the heat - my guess is that it can easily reach 30 or even 40 degrees in those boxes...

Anyway, we learn. This could have been the third harvest so far and we could have been eating it Today at the open casa dinner but unfortunately the sun killed them all... another lesson learned...


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here is one photo that was

here is one photo that was taken a little while back by Tiara. doesn't show everything but we will come with new photos soon :)

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the glass prison

Hey Robin,
could you post a picture of the rooftop garden? And, did you need to get a permission as you said in march?