GUYS CLOTHES SWAPPING EVENT (Ladies welcome of course!)

Tuesday April 28, 2009 19:00>21:00ish

Henriette Ronnerplein 5 - III (no bell)
[little square somewhere between Van Woustraat, Joseph Israelkade and Ferdinand Bolstraat - better to google it up!]

Guys! Men! Male power!

In this mood of spring cleaning, let's meet for a clothes swapping evening for guys.

To get rid of the shirt that your ex-girlfriend got you (that you have always found ugly), to change the colors that we wear, to refresh style and look outside (and inside)...

For anybody who dislike shopping in the city center on a Saturday afternoon OR never has the time to go shopping during opening hours OR finds decadent in a financial crisis time to spend money on new clothes since there are still a lot of old ones that can be of use OR wants to renew the wardrobe with no € effort.

Ladies are of course welcome to bring their own and join the night! :-)
Full figure mirror provided!

Let's just bring what we don't like/wear anymore and exchange.

NB: The place is small, so it will be a open house with walk-in's. Please bring something if you want to get something back! :-) What left will be given to charity organizations. No toilet in the place (sorry!)


valentina's picture

more swapping

well, I will have a lots of stuff to swap/share since I will move in in June and I need to get rid of dvds, kitchen and bedroom stuff, but I'll be back from Italy on the 5th so I would miss the event if you planning to do it on the 30th. It would be great if we could do this on the 6th or the 7th so that I could add my stuff to the event.
However, I'm also sure there will be more opportunities to share in the future...

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new clothes!! more swapping!

this event was great. I am very happy with the new clothes that I received, especially the ones from Harald. He had so many great old/new clothes and shoes and made it possible to extend again the time I haven't gone shopping for clothes (14 months now) :)

So we agreed we wanted to organise another swapping event, and I offered the the casa for this. We also spoke about combining it with swapping of books and possibly cd's :)

As a date, I would propose a Saturday or even a Sunday, so that more people can also join. I have in mind the 30th of May between 4 and 8 and possibly dinner after that.

I was also wondering about male/female stuff. I totally agree with doing it only for men, since we somehow need this empowerment (for women it is more usual to do this type of events) but since we have lots of women clothes in the house freestore (especially after Queens day and the left-overs from Aisha) I wanted to propose to combine it.

Anyone some additional/ other thoughts?

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great event!

wow, great! will come for sure, and bring quite some clothes, some which is mine, but we will also go through the clothes we have to give away already and take some of those with us. Ah,and I think we will be happy to take left-over with us for the next event :) Thanks for organising this!