So, my project is officially a work in progress.

I bought a sewing machine from a junky today.
He found it in a canal, so it's sustainable.
Only, the junky was disguised as a sweet old man who owns a little shop in Weesp that specializes in selling sewing machines (as well as thread and zippers).

It is a 1969 PMC Lichtgewicht (a child of the 60s, probably a rebel in its time. and lightweight, about 20 kilo, so very portable, would probably be a good conversation piece while hitch hiking)


I even received a lesson today from the junky/sweet old man, except it was all in Dutch.
I smiled the whole time, nodding my head to convey understanding.
But he could see right through me and compared my understanding of the machine with his understanding of computers.
My, how he could sew.
At first he was wowing me by steering the material with only one hand (while I clumsily used both). Then as if to take his hands off the wheels while pressing the pedal to full speed, he let the material fly under the needle with no hands.
Was it the man or the machine? Either way, I was sold.


If the pants or shirt that you wear (almost) everyday is becoming unbearable/unwearable due to holes, or if you feel like your dull wardrobe needs to be "jazzed up," I could probably sew on something clever such as a fun patch or quirky zipper.

Just let me know.
Will mend your clothes
(fo free).


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Sewing skills

Actually I would like to improve my sewing skills (=0 right now). Not necessarily beiing able to use a sewing machine but at least be able to fix properly a sock.
Yes I now sounds really ridiculous not to be able to do that but it's never to late to learn!
In exchange I can give for example a profesional knife cutting overview.