Hosting Requests

Since there are many hosts in the casa, it is not always easy to know when there is how much space available. We have no simple way of getting an overview of requests neither, since they are send to several people through all kind of different channels. Another problem is that we don't have a good overview of who stayed here and when.

Guidelines for Sustainability

Guidelines for Sustainability

  • The house does not like dead animals nor fish;
  • You take what you need and share what you want;
  • Once you are in the house, you share the house;

'As a guest: be a host!'

  • * Open the door when the doorbell rings (and ask for the password);
  • Welcome new people to the house & offer them a hug;
  • Think of others first, before you think of yourself;

'Work Consciousness'

  • Look around and act for what could be better/ improved;

Save the Bikes

Once in a while the bike-police goes around the neighboorhoud to take away bikes that they think are useless. Be aware, they will make these decisions for you. First they will put up an orange sticker on the bike, and after a week they come back to cut your chain and steal your bike without any mercy.

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12 questions you never dared to ask

0. What is CasaRobino?

A self-organised travelers home, a nomad base. It is also a real social network of traveling friends that keeps on expanding, who comes to their «Amsterdam based house» once in a while, to stay for just a couple of days or for much longer, who comes here to learn and or to contribute.