without a pen humanity can fall apart in a minute

Someone took my pen, my special pen, my dear pen. Noone here takes me serious, they think I'm joking.
I CAN NOT write without a pen and humanity wants me to write NOW. I'm going crazy here. Please, everyone, pray for my pen, I can not buy another one in Amsterdam.

GIVE ME BACK MY PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You think it's a stupid story but I'm gonna stop writing if I don't get this pen soon. It's a big thing even thou you think I'm crazy.

GIVE ME BACK MmmmmYyyyyy PEN UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Patience is golden ;)

I once came back to find my laptop charger gone from where I had left it. Some frantic searching and probably not-so-nice remarks later (apologies to the living room crew that day!), a so far unused plug adapter and Israeli charger rescued my online activities for the night.

The story only fully unfolded the next morning, someone had mistaken my charger for theirs and had returned it back to the store for a refund. So I got theirs back in exchange, we hugged and things were allright again :)

Once a shirt from laundry turned up a couple of weeks later... so I decided that nametagging all my clothes might be a good idea just in case.

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what to do when things get lost in the house :)

1) make it known
2) stay patient :)
3) trust ...
And all this in random order. Happy to know the pen is back and the universe still in place :)

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I had someone try to walk off

I had someone try to walk off with my pen once. She thought I was joking when I insisted that she give it back. She totally ignored the label I had placed on it in case of it being lost. She was sure that it was an ordinary pen. It was my special pen. I do understand.

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while it may be your special pen, and non replacable by YOU in AMSTERDAM, can it be replaced by someone, possibly not there? I shall be arriving soon, and have carried great burdens further distances (though finding a specific ANYTHING in cairois difficult!) is there any description of said pen?