Let me out!

There is no getting out of that place! It's the second time I fail hitch-hiking away from Amsterdam! And this time it was a freaking masquerade...

First gas station. Walking distance from the tram.
There was one woman in a huge SUV that almost peed herself when she realized I was asking her for a ride. She obviously never heard the roots "hitch" and "hike" in the same sentence. After she finished pumping her gas, she had recollected her spirits and told me I should ask only to men, as women are too scared. I replied that it wasn't the case for all women and we had a short conversation. That was enough to convince her I was human, and she went to the cash-desk with a smile.

She wasn't going my way anyway so I didn't mind. That's when a car with a licence plate from Hamburg, germany pulled in. My destination, 600 km away. And I'd been standing there for 2h already. I spoke to them in German. They were going to Hamburg, but would take me only for 1000 €. Was I still high on mushrooms?

After a while they dropped to 200€. The SUV-woman got out at that moment and jumped in the conversation, trying to convince the two guys to take me for less. They asked my passport and driving licence... Whatever.

After a few minutes of negociation, the woman told me to go with them. The guys signaled me to come in. Fine.

They were hopelessly lunatic. The driver was stopping every kilometer on the side lane and signaling the cars to stop in order to ask them for directions. They made it to the airport in 1h. The Amsterdam airport, yeah. By that time, it was pretty clear to them that I wasn't going to pay them 200€ for the trip so they kicked me out. In my imagination their head popped like air balloons.

It was almost night. I tried to save myself, failed, took the train, the bus and rang the Casarobino bell once more than planned.

God Damnit!

Remember that song?
"you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave"


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we made it

we got to nijmeyer at around eight. Took two hours for the first ride from amsterdam. Kasper sorted us a couch :) cya guys soon

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Fleure arrived safely, some problems while traveling

(11:06:40 PM) marie-gabinette: alors, je vous raconte mon trip en franais. tu traduit ou ils font la connexion automatique
(11:06:54 PM) marie-gabinette: tous les hommes sont des bastard
(11:15:16 PM) marie-gabinette: so i get a girl very fats but she lend me to rotterdzm
(11:17:10 PM) marie-gabinette: i get a pintaaaaaaa
(11:17:14 PM) marie-gabinette: i m the best
(11:17:34 PM) marie-gabinette: and i get a son of a bitch: he wanted sexe with me against 50 euros!!
(11:18:06 PM) marie-gabinette: bybye bastard
(11:18:13 PM) marie-gabinette: y
(11:18:28 PM) marie-gabinette: (sorry for my bad english)
(11:18:38 PM) robino: did he say, ok?
(11:18:46 PM) marie-gabinette: yes! ouf
(11:18:52 PM) robino: he let you out where?
(11:19:13 PM) marie-gabinette: in the next êtrol station
(11:19:16 PM) robino: cool
(11:19:17 PM) marie-gabinette: petrol*
(11:19:35 PM) marie-gabinette: hum...mouais
(11:21:36 PM) robino_: et comment votre voyage aller plus loin?
(11:22:26 PM) marie-gabinette: ensuite a metz, un garçon m'a abordé pour me demandé si j'étais prostituée, je lui ai dit les protituées c'est la rue d'à côté et il m'a dit "non je fait partie de l'aide sociale". fucking men!
(11:22:31 PM) sitarane: Flora! We are hanging your story
(11:23:30 PM) marie-gabinette: Then in Metz, a boy approached me to ask me if I prostitute, I told him it protituées the street beside me and he said 'no I have on welfare ". fucking men!