Ha, also Kasper managed to get in a truck with a driver that has internet on-board. He e-mailed us on the road in Bulgaria saying he had a great sleep in Pitesti and that he is now on his way to Istanbul.


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The internet connection I got

The internet connection I got at a truck stop, not in the Turkish truck.

At the border, I will write a more detailed story about it and send it to the Dutch embassy in Ankara. I had a good night's rest in a hotel. Then I took a local bus during the day (for which I didn't end up paying) and all was fine. Now in Istanbul, I slept 12 hours last night...

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Kasper still in the go

He got dropped close to the border: "i almost lost all my stuff... now in svilengrad, will try train..."

For more details, this is what he also just added to hitchwiki: had a terrible experience at the Kapitan Andreevo - Kapıkule border crossing in October 2008 when he was refused entry by a grumpy border guard who was probably looking for ''baksheesh''. It took a lot of convincing to be allowed back to the truck to get back his backpack. Hopefully this is a one-time experience.