I suffer for you all...

Laying on a mat in a Bedouin camp by the red sea, I can't help but be envious of all you in cold, wet climates. It's beautiul, hope everyone is having fun wherever they are [or heading].


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Empty Casa

Anka is off to Italy for a week
Robin is in YankeeLand until Sunday
Anu is at her corporate job, which is not so terrible
Sky and Kassia are en route to Copenhagen as i write
And i am here with the radio

It is cold, jacket on
and there is a feeling of being at the center
of a multi-centered movement
to make things different and better

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Amsterdam today wakes up to a sunny and crisp fall morning, all the leaves are gone from the tree on the backyard, and we're faced with a winter with cold and wet from all directions. Yet I can't imagine being anywhere else right now.

Enjoy the sun for the rest of us, seeya in a few weeks! :)