the current host list sucks

The current host list sucks. It actually looks nice, these pictures, but I can only recognize one person out of 5 and it's not easily maintainable. I'd rather see a list of names that I can edit directly. What do y'all think?

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Hm, well, you have all the access and the skills to change this so why not go ahead? :) I don't think we've ever established a governance structure for this site, but as the original creator a few words on that if you may: I'm totally happy with the current build it & let go mentality here :) (though, some potentially controversial additions could be discussed beforehand and obviously shit that breaks things shouldn't go live)

Back on topic... in my opinion as well a list of names would be better, also because some new hosts might not create accounts so won't show up on the host list at all (nothing wrong if not, just pointing out :)

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I agree the actual list sucks I prefer the former one, just a question of readability of the information. But right, it would also be better to make it easy to edit to other people than the admins or if this cannot be done, give trusted user rights to more people and allow them to edit it.

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hovering over?

maybe we could show the name when you hoover over the pic?

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sounds good

sounds good