Joining the Casa

Hello Robino

My name is Teddy from Romania an open minded vegan that travel around Europe to find the perfect community to live in
.I really want to meet you guys and share some life experience and if is possible to host me and in return i will help you as much as I can.I will be in Amsterdam on 29th of November and hope to hear from you guys until then.Thank you in advance

Take care

2 night visit to house

my name is troy kokkinis. i am interested in coming by for two nights. i am now traveling with 3 other friends. we are all from america (3 of us from Los Angeles, and one from San Francisco).

we are looking to stay on august 9-11.

I have been traveling for 2 months now and have been very productive in the mean time. i am doing research in different historical archives to contribute to a web archive collective i am involved with called the Anarchy Archives. I am looking to do some work in Amsterdam, and I ended up meeting up with my friends along the way in my travels.