As (unfortunately) I don't think I'll be back in Europe for the next year or so (at least...unknown horizons await!), I've been connecting with the American trainriders scene. A group of enterprising hobos/punks/riders/kind souls has been putting together a set of waystations around the US. It's still in it's starting stages, getting things organized and set, but if anyone out there is bumming around the States and needs a somewhat organized place to crash, drop me a line or check out the "Waystations" thread on SquatThePlanet.

Omelet Competition

The lush hills above Barcelona
are dry for months at a time.
Everything which thrives scrounges water.
Including these gardens.
Here sinks and showers catch gray water
which is separated in barrels
and irrigates these lands.

It grows not just the communities food
but that of the neighbors who share this liberated plot
rescued from half a centuries disuse.

for 7 years now these gardens have flourished
defying the local authorities
yet with the budding support of the local people
who not only grow their food here
but come to meetings and pot lucks and parties