GUYS CLOTHES SWAPPING EVENT (Ladies welcome of course!)

Tuesday April 28, 2009 19:00>21:00ish

Henriette Ronnerplein 5 - III (no bell)
[little square somewhere between Van Woustraat, Joseph Israelkade and Ferdinand Bolstraat - better to google it up!]

Guys! Men! Male power!

In this mood of spring cleaning, let's meet for a clothes swapping evening for guys.

To get rid of the shirt that your ex-girlfriend got you (that you have always found ugly), to change the colors that we wear, to refresh style and look outside (and inside)...

hacking the wireless

We have three wireless routers in the house but we are not using them to the full advantage. The first one is called "Tyler Durden", the second "Life Is Too Important To Be Taken" and the third one is a Fon-hotspot. The ideal would be that we use one or two of these routers to share internet, and since the Fon-router has a great antenna attached to it, this one would be perfect to share our internet with at least 50 households. There is however one big problem with this router.