Anonymous Declaration of Freedom

Anonymous calls out "for the first in a series of global protests in defense of WikiLeaks and freedom of expression" on Saturday.

"We believe that freedom of speech is non-negotiable, that the quality of an idea matters more than its authorship, and in the radical notion that information should be free."

Thought the video is a nice uplifting one. There is even some free hugs in it :-)

Statement against ACTA?

Hi. I was thinking it might be an idea to put a banner on the site that makes more people aware of the ACTA-negotiations that is seriously going to limit the digital rights of people.

As not many are aware of this but it does appeal to us, I thought that might be a good idea. But I would like to know first what other people think of that.

And what a good informative website might be.

For more info:

Shoes in dam square

Shoes in dam square

War Protest - Shoes in Dam Square