Balcony Redesign and Happy Worms

Finally we started our own composting! I remember people trying it out before but the idea of composting was never tackled very soundly. This past week though, Rachel has been using her hands to repot plants and herbs and with redesigning the balcony, as well as creating a workable compost-system. Do you see the little table at the back of the photo, made from scrap-wood? VoilĂ . Under it you find a plastic container where now the compost goes.

bringing plant-watering to a whole new level

I got one of those big things to water the plants today. Oh, ok here they tell me it's called "watering can." That makes no sense, it's not a can!
11 liters boy! So it can be filled and should be enough for the plants at the top. We will try it out tonight, I can't fkn wait!