need your help for future/present art projects/materials


i'm searching for some things to _borrow_ to better record upcoming art pieces that are greater than 2-dimensions, mainly,

+ a high-quality digital slr photo camera with good zoom lens


+ an empty white wall with ample lighting source
+ a scanner (not the ones that already exist in the house and are somewhat defective)

pieces/projects are in istanbul & odessa, but can be (sustainably) transported to amsterdam or elsewhere.

i'm here: flickr.com/photos/amylin
& i feel a need to go further.


one more smile

Amylin, just before hitchhiking to Grenoble and Porto, leaving the comfy casa for 2,633 km of snow and rain... Photo by Anu, retouched by amylin.

P.S. I'm pretty sure the "Share a photo" feature is broken. This one is hosted by flickr.