Bike locks

Casa Bike Locks

Casa bike locks are old and tricky. So far, though, every one I've tried has a trick to getting it open, quickly and reliably. Even if you've already read this, feel free to ask me or someone else who's read this or been shown these tricks - sometimes a personal demonstration helps, too. Enjoy:

There are two common tricky points that make casa locks confusing...

1) sometimes twisting the key doesn't actually "unlock" the lock (the key doesn't do anything unless you twist it in just the right way), and

Bike Lock Pancake & Tea Day

Dear people, kitten and outside world (also but not restricted to things with eyes),

On sunday, beginning at noon will be the trial run of our pancakes, jams and tea kitchen. This is particularly for the acquiring of bicycle locks.
Bicycle locks!
Do you know how many bikes outside the casa are attached to eachother at this moment in time? A lotttttt! We need to free them!

So, at this brunch, lunch, dinner..running till 10pm, we're serving pancakes with jam..all kinds of jam..sustainable jam! grape jam is the most common right now, that and banana jam..