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The resilient community has broad applicability beyond just improving the ability of those of us in developed economies to preserve wealth and a quality of life despite severe system shocks. It can also be applied to the problems of counter-insurgency in semi-modern urban environment (to radically update a process that was built for the last century) and provide the potential for organic development in underdeveloped areas of the world. The key is that we need to support the open source efforts currently underway to expand this capability underway such as the transition towns movement to MIT's low tech solutions effort." (

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Free City of Christiania

The Free City/Town of Christiania (Fristaden Christiania) is a democratic commune, which is partially self-governing neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1971 as an alternative society, which was an offfpring of the Danish counter-cultural movement and the student / hippie squatters uprisings of the 1960s. The community appropriated some abandoned military/army barracks because the vacant tract and boarded-up buildings became an eyesore, and they wanted to convert it into a playground/park.

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