Nomadbase in the New Yorker (also: I'm back in Europe)

A columnist from the New Yorker came to stay with us in California a few months ago while writing an article about CS. It was finally published last week:

Interestingly, nomadbase got a mention in the laundry list of hospitality networks. It's a rather intriguing name, so I wonder if traffic has increased at all:

Other networks include Global Freeloaders, Be Welcome, Nomadbase, Tripping, Evergreen Bed and Breakfast Club (for those over fifty), Pasporta Servo (for speakers of Esperanto), and the Hospitality Club, which, with more than three hundred thousand members, is a distant second to CouchSurfing in terms of size.

Our house in California (Ithaka) also got a funny description, near the end.

More importantly, I'm back in Europe for about a year! I'll be in Lyon for a little while, but am pretty flexible. I've got a lightfoot letter to deliver in Milan, and I'll probably come through Amsterdam and Berlin at some point in the near future. But in general, my plans are pretty open-ended. Let me know if you'd like a visit. :-)


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you missed me in Berlin but I currently have a squat almost in the f*cking City of London. You're very welcome to visit as long as it's still around ;)

By the way, in my book this article is a good illustration of why people should choose their media contacts carefully >:|

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bobby! i will be in como, 40k

bobby! i will be in como, 40k from milan, until the 8th of july so if you do come to italy you're welcome to come over. very pretty lake. but do let me know before because i have little trips planned.
xxx happy summer

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Nice article

There's a strange feeling to it, as if the author still viewed the concept of couchsurfing as weird novelty, but I enjoyed reading about Ithaka. I look forward to going there at some point..