Invitation to set up Casa Leipzig

Nomad Base Peers,
I wish to invite us to set up a base in Leipzig.

Context :

An investor is willing to invest 100 000 euros to purchase a building in Leipzig, Germany.

This investor does not want to bother about asking rent,
allowing to live there rent free,
but he wants to be able to sell it in 10 to 20 years from now.

It means, the possibility to buy a building 600 square meters or more.

Proposal :

My proposal is use part of the building as a nomad base.

Need :

The first need for such potential is to find the building to purchase.

Online Search :

+ Leipzig can be explored via google maps, street view ,
by moving the little yellow man to the desired street

explanations :

Costs and Budget :

The budget is 100 000 euros.
This might not include renovation costs at first, though this needs to be discussed.

The prices start at around 100 euros per square meter of housing space.

Hence 100 000 euros can buy
1000 square meters or less of living space + possibly 200 square meters or less of garden.

Larger Context :

The Larger Context is one of creating a local, re-generative economy,
aimed at healing and reconstructing community in a post-communist, post-capitalist framework.

It includes the set up and purchase of :

- housing by a housing cooperative,
- set up of producer and consumer cooperatives,
- usage of nearby land for food production,
- set up of one or more co-working spaces,
- maker spaces,
- up-cycling workshops
- local alternative currencies,

reducing dependency on mainstream economics and currencies such as the euro.

Feel free to contact me via email
dante - at -

and leave a note in the "Talk" page of the wikipage


Examples of Search results :

the following streets have a lot of empty buildings to purchase :

The interest here could be to regenerate the usage of all these buildings.

I can imagine an approach including the local population in renovation, using local currencies , in a deal with the lwb , as to provide access to housing for local residents who are on social benefits.


In western part of town, in front of graveyard.

on map ( view which will stay - its calm - its a graveyard )

It is at ++200 euros a square meter, instead of 100 euros a square meter in some other parts of town.
Yet it looks in a good condition, and seen from the satellite view, the roof looks ok too.


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that's great news, dante

too bad that i am far away and planning to go further away soon. let's talk in 2013! ;)