All is Just Fine

Some of you are wondering how I am doing and also how the Casa is. My answer: Perfect! I hardly spend time online for the past months and I am enjoying my time mostly with cleaning, cooking, drinking tea and sitting. At the same time we keep the house quiet. I would be happy if you would call me if you want to hear more, or you like to talk about the weather with me :-) I promise another and longer update on this website when time is right. Thanks!


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ohh how nice to login and see

ohh how nice to login and see some words from you robino! (and you too little haza :) also me, I've been rubbish to keep in touch, but i want to say that the casa is never far from my thoughts. in fact, these days i have been having a reoccurring dream about it- a few times, when i am conscience in the dream, i escape the situation and go down a block or two, up lots of stairs to an apartment, and am greeted by all the familiar faces. Each time i am amazed how at home i feel and not only that, but the casa is set in a jungle with swings (zip line!) and hammocks; like a tree house! And this is the reality, if you just pass the streets of bos en lommer you wouldn't know about the secret nook that is as big and diverse as the jungle itself- free, open.

i've been meaning to write.. and now is the right time. I’m moving to barcelona next week.. finally im doing it (I set this goal at the casa among other personal discoveries:) i think you can appreciate how happy i am to get out of bloody england. These months have not been the best mainly because i miss different colors and smells and people. yet, im sure you guys can relate, as the time goes by, you realize all the crazy connections and doors or whatever life offers and sometimes just makes a big loop in the end :) i wish i can share with you guys some of these funny stories since i left a few months back. but here is where i say: casa people please come visit me in barcelona would be a fucking pleasure :) i want to recreate some aspects of the dream.. i want to find a place with a terrace that overlooks the city and put up a hammock so i'll be waiting for the familiar faces.
ah that’s enough. i miss you guys. and actually am super curious what everyone is up to. write me- [email protected]

lots of love,
un beso

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visititng times

i'm sorry i've been so shit at keeping in touch, things have been so busy in London since i left you guys .. but am coming back in January! 26th-Feb 3rd, will you guys be bout for me to visit? i think am staying at DE Hallen but would i be able to come and see you guys for a night or two?
if yo could let me know via email as i still find it kinda tricky to navigate this site i'd much appreciate it (:
[email protected]
lots of love and hopefully see you soon!
all the best from
Haza (i've changed my name to Bella!)