lost notebook black, please ask around... <3

Anyone found a black notebook (old style, for pen) in the casa (probably zula) after I left? 2,5 weeks from now . this coontains african songs, bajas, emails and other treasures from this summer. Need this one, please help. Send me an email ([email protected], facebook or send the book (Håkan Persson, Källstorp 109, 28491 Perstorp, Skåne Sweden And I will compansate the shipping cost. Please let me know if youve seen it around. Hope the house is stable, the vibe close and the love all around. see you soon dear casa <3 /H

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little black book

yes sir. we have found this booklet and placed it in the museum. can we use it for the permanent exhibit or for the temporary one?

If you really really want it back, we will find a messenger to send it via the post or do you rather want hand-delivery aka light-foot?

Casa is almost as fun, relaxed and as balanced as a "yo mama is so fat that the slag-line snapped" :-)