working in New Zealand

Hey o! I need some help with informations about earning some money in New Zealand. I am going there in November and while I will travel I would also like to work to earn money for flight tickets to Indonesia, Thailand...evrywhere. But in this time is impossible for me to get working holiday visa only turist one and I wonder if it is possible to work with only tourist visa even it is forbidden. Does anyone have experience with that country? Any tips?

I will be very thankfull for any kind of informations.

wesna (from Slovenia)

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re: nz work

It is called working under the table. 95% of jobs under the table will be for some dodgy trades person... (if you want to do that go to christchurch as there is a shit load of building to be done there...)
If you want a easier job then probably best bet is on a farm picking some fruit or something. Although might be hard to find unless you know someone who knows someone.... Just ask around for some under the table work to anyone, no one will report you or anything. Except don't ask cops, probably a bad move....
Or even better, avoid having to buy a plane ticket by hitching a boat.....................................