"gezonde katjes" PANCAKE SUNDAY

18 Sep 2011 13:13
the casa
"gezonde katjes" PANCAKE SUNDAY

Dear Casa&Cat lover's,

the picture's above are the 2 cat hosts which are currently hosting @ the casa :)
I remember a story of last night about vet-costs and cats, so this morning i went checking some things out about cat insurance. It would be around 16-18 a month for both, which i happily would provide for a while, but if we want to give them health insurance, the company wants to put an ID chip somewhere in their body's :/ I don't know if we are allowed to decide THAT for another living being... And so i came up with the idea of re-installing "kitten spaying pancake sunday" from last year's, but now with the idea of making a special BOX for donations, only used for the vet-costs of our lovely "Kitten" and "Thedog".
Can't wait to eat pancake's with all of you...



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passed the initiation

well, i am glad that the rest of the casa knows about these plans kitten, would be nice if you filled the rest of us in on your plans, communication is a key, for some sort of lock, anyway

update on the dog: after a week of a hard adjusting and fitting into the casa, the kitten had one last test for the dog to see if she is really is fit for the casa.

one day long ago when kitten though she was in the "i-am-a-bird" and did her "flight-of-the-kitten" off the balcony, well quickly kitten learned that she wasnt a bird. now the torch has been passed down to the young one.

a cloudy day we all woke up asking the same question "where is the dog" after three days we though she went back to the cold hard streets of the forest and shade.

on the third day while Gabitsiki's efforts of hanging mug shots of the dog, a neighbor comes up and says she has it, with now a bruised/sprained/broken paw. flight of the kitten part two?

we all have learned a good lesson, the dog knows it isnt a bird and has passed her initiation. kitten now knows what it is to lose a good friend. we now know that we have responsibility. now with a huge bill form the fall, plus the shots and reg. on and on and yawn.

thankfully, we have had a great group of co-hosts and donations are flowing swiftly towards rent, now we need to manifest that flow towards the dog.

holy flying fuzzy felines matban!

any ideas/suggestions/thoughts/feelings on this?

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the dog is gone in a shelter till we raise 1G,

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oh no! really 1000 euros? you'd think you could have a catdog clonated or something for that money. what shelter? are they kidnapping the cat until you pay or something?? i had found two families for the dog if you change your mind

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but the dog isn't on the host

but the dog isn't on the host list..

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she's also not registered...

she's also not registered...

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