Getting a tax number tip...easy and fast

Getting a tax number if you are going to stay here longer than 3 months is HARD as you can't get it before you register at an address = big headache and about a month waiting list.

Had a lovely petal tell me about a tip which was awesome faced = go to the tax office and tell them that you are going to be here for under 3 months and if you go before 11am they will give you a temporary tax number on the spot. This means you can do some work immediately and not have all the stressy crap!!!

Much love and sparkles...


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Oh I wish I had know this

Oh I wish I had know this before! I could get a job right on the spot, if I only had the number. But no - will get that in two weeks time.

But I will definately try the temporary tax number thing!
To which city council do you recommend to go? I know there are the smaller ones across Amsterdam and the main office on Stadhoudserskade, next to the Heineken Brewery.

Thanks for the info!