Urban Farming US Video

Urban Farming is on the rise in many places where we lost farming a long time ago... Reminds me also of what I learned here in Lyon (!) that 80% of the people in Estonia either grows their own potatoes or gets them through a personal home-grower.


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I Love Detroit!

Transformation of a city... population drop after post-industrialisation. So what's up with the empty plots?

Urban Roots Trailer from Tree Media on Vimeo.

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Free farm

More information about this particular project in this video:

"The Free Farm is an urban farm founded in January 2010. In our first year we have built a farm, grown and given away over 2,500 pounds of fresh organic produce, convened gardening and urban homesteading workshops, and hosted community, school, and religious groups."


And for more projects in the United States, check: