To Create alternative network of shared hospitality fully run and Owend by it members ! :)

Is it possible to create it guys ???!

I am disappointed guys

I can voluintier to spread as much as I can.

Or it alrdy exists fully transparent network
Which belongs fully to its members ???

I have the feeling Casa has the capacity to
Create a big project and give it to the members :)) project


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yes - many of us are quite

yes - many of us are quite upset about it. But we knew it was coming, and that it was just about time. CS equals mismanagement and this is the next logical step for them.

There is a lot of hypocrisy involved though, and a lot of betrayal: towards a lot of the volunteers and the community as a whole.

Thankfully we have which is diverse and democratic. It has not really been growing in the past years but I am sure this is changing now.

I also think we'll see more diversity coming in hospitality-land, and a change of the landscape.

What that could mean for the casa-network and similar families/ tribes/ initiatives/ communities/ collectives/ networks I guess we don't really know yet, there is still quite some options available and one day I am sure it will be clear how it will all fit :)

Feel free to share more of your thoughts! And who knows what other new initiatives are awaiting.