buskers(?) to amsterdam

Hi all! I'm Matteo from Milan. Right now i'm hitchhiking and busking around with my brother Max. He plays guitar and i'm on alto sax. Well, i should, but now i'm having lots of trouble with it(it's making lots of whistles and strange noises).
Whatever, we've been in Lyon, now we are in Paris and we will come to Amsterdam in a few days(I think we will leave tomorrow): Is there some space in the Casa for us?
We can offer our music, our laughs and our souls.
And also some italian food, we are not that good at cookin but you'll like it!
See you soon!

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yeah dude. I think you're

yeah dude. I think you're welcome. But we are kind of full as of right now so if you can delay it a bit that's cool.

Also you haven't yet filled in a host-request. I would do that first if I were you :)



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Hi Robin! We have no more

Hi Robin! We have no more couch in Paris so we are leaving now, but we are hitchhiking, so we'll probably spend a pleasant night on the floor of a petrol station somewhere.
We'll reach Amsterdam tomorrow, if it's to soon we'll try to make it in another way!



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I hope you'll stay a while (if you're at the Casa now), I wanted to go busking in Amsterdam myself :) Look forward to meeting you.