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7 Aug 2011
Where aren't you from?: 
not sure......
Will you bring dead animals into the house?: 
Make up your own personal password: 
How did you find out about the Casa?: 
My cousin whos livin in Amsterdam told me about this house....
Why do you want to stay in the Casa?: 
I just arrived in Amsterdam 2 months ago.... This is kind of the first time that im away for long time from my country, my continent...im adapting myself to a lot of new experiences , new lenguages , new peoples , new ways of living , it would be a very interesting experience to share life with new people
What would be your favourite activity in casa?: 
I gasp with pleasure while dish washing
I'm fascinated by the inside of vacuums
Do you use Windows, Mac OS or you like freedom?: 
Microsoft Windows
What is your favourite question in life?: 
¿why i dont have a favourite question in life?
Are you a bike-breaker or bike-fixer?: 


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hey. I think the best thing

hey. I think the best thing for you is to just come by here for some tea or food and to hang out with us first.

Then we can take it from there. You got the address?

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Ola ! thanx for your response

Ola ! thanx for your response , i haven't found the address in the site , i would apreciatte if you could share it to me
i would love to visit you this week....

Buen camino !


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