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Sarah asked me if she is able to delete her profile. It is not that she doesn´t like us no more, it is just that she doesn't want to be present on internet any more.

So here it goes, deleting your profile is simply not an option at the moment with the system we are using. How much I would love to enable this, it is currently not available.

It will be though, as soon as we upgrade the site to the latest version of drupal. And of course, I can delete your profile, as well as some 5 other administrative users.

But there are some issues that I would like to see resolved before enabling people to delete or cancel their profiles. And before deleting Sarah's profile.

For one thing, as soon as you cancel/ delete your profile all your submissions will be attributed to an anonymous user. But you also have the option to delete all your content.

None of these two options I would like to see.

First, if you submit something, you are submitting it with your name to the collective memory of this casa, and I would like to keep that content available for future publications (think of a book for example) and to be able to also say who was the original author (the nickname people choose).

Second. Instead of saying "anonymous" as an author the deletion of content is even worse. It means not only that all content like stories and photos disappear (in addition to their comments), you are also deleting the comments that you posted on other posts and the comments that were posted in response to your comment.

I don't know what people think is a good solution here. I think myself that mid-option would be to "block" users so their profile is not visible to anyone anymore, and they would not be able to log in and use their account. As such their content is still available with the name they choose for their profile. But it does mean you are still somewhere in the database...

So these are my considerations and before doing anything I would like to see this discussion moving to a solution that Sarah can agree to, and other people with an opinion or good understanding can agree to as a general rule for account deletion.

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Hei Robin, Thanks for the

Hei Robin,

Thanks for the explanation.
It is going to sound a bit harsh, maybe... but I would be happy with my profile being completely deleted. Being aware that also my statuses, posts and comments would disappear.

I understand what you mean by the memory of the Casa but I still prefer not to leave a trace. Concerning the people themselves, I will stay in (and keep) the memory of the ones I met at Casa, and if not then it's also fine. I don't believe so much in the utility of reminders. What needs to be remembered will be remembered. Concerning the more general idea of a collective memory of the place... I also don't believe a trace of me is needed for that purpose. The Casa is a concept that doesn't need proof of its past reality, I would say. Or at least, as soon as we start to look back at things, they become something else. They are part of a virtual/fantasied world. Which is a process I don't particularly feel like cultivating.

If there is any publication to happen in the future, there is plenty, plenty of interesting stuff on the website without my contribution. I put a few comments now and then so maybe in a few instances it will be strange, but I don't think it'll matter so much in the end.

I am not really bringing further the question of a general rule for account deletion, I don't have a proper opinion about it.

In any case, erasing my account definitely doesn't change anything to my experience of discovering the incredible place Casa is. I am still in Amsterdam at the moment and still enjoying randomly dropping by... with no other expectation than not knowing what to expect at each visit. well, ok, I admit I do expect warmth, sometimes sun on the roof and open people... but anyways, I prefer to be there fully when I am there, than dreaming about a fantasied place when I am not there.

I still have to bring back the crazy little book about the Tao, actually :)

Hope you're enjoying the stepping time Robin.
Tot de volgende keer!


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tough one

oh, that is difficult. i have been thinking about this for a while and here is what i came up with:

first of all, in my opinion decisions concerning the handling of the webpage and a possible publication should not be put together. those are two different subjects and should be handled accordingly. well, before a publication can be published you have to ask people for extra permission anyway, no matter if they have/had an account or not - or at least one should do that.

as for the webpage: it is common memory vs personal freedom. call me a liberalist but i think no matter what the community there should always be an opt out possiblity. what would all of us say if myspace of fb would refuse to let us delete our accounts and get our data back? revolution would be on! and that would be appropriate! if the decision is made that profiles can not be deleted it should be valid from that moment onwards and apply to people who create an account afterwards and after they are informed about that.

so, what can be a solution for people who want their stuff deleted? i think it should be deleted. pictures, comments, and stories remain the property of the person sharing it - that is all. sharing is a voluntary act and that is what makes it so precious. it shall remain so. there is no sense in holding on in my opinion. the cause (common memory, a documetation) is not more important than the personal freedom of a human being.

warm greetings!