2 friendly nice girls!

6 May 2011 14:11
9 May 2011 14:11
Where aren't you from?: 
nowhere. we are from the world :)
Will you bring dead animals into the house?: 
Make up your own personal password: 
hakuna matata
How did you find out about the Casa?: 
friend told me :D
Why do you want to stay in the Casa?: 
because sharing is the best :)
What would be your favourite activity in casa?: 
I dive into bins to make my face look pretty
Cleaning out rotten food is quite orgasmic.
Do you use Windows, Mac OS or you like freedom?: 
I don't hate freedom
What is your favourite question in life?: 
carpe diem!
Are you a bike-breaker or bike-fixer?: 


Sam_Fishman's picture

alrighty you girls are cool

alrighty you girls are cool to come to the casa. stay tuned for the address. GET EXCITED!


saramarilyn's picture

ok thanks so much guys!! :)

ok thanks so much guys!! :) getting excited about staying there with you!! maybe we go tomorrow depends if we can get a ride to there tomorrow!! :)

see you SOON :)

robino's picture

o.k. - in terms of space I

o.k. - in terms of space I think it would be possible. Let us talk about it here and one of us will confirm one of these days :)

Happy trails!

robino's picture

ah, you actually would like

ah, you actually would like to arrive today. But you are still in Porto or already in Amsterdam? And for how long are you planning to be here?

saramarilyn's picture

We are planning arrive

We are planning arrive amsterdam on friday, hitchhiking from Gent, we'll be there 3 days! I wish I could stay longer! but no time :(

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