Casa Christmas

The Christmas is comming. And you can clearly feel it the Casa's air.

Therefore, I want to ask you all, Casa people, for cooperation in fullfilling Robino's Christmas wish. He was so nice to us for last 2,5 year constantly hosting/guesting us... I think he really deserves a nice gift.

Let's all abandon the Casa for Christmas, let's allow our dearest Robin to have a rest, to be alone, to burp and fart as he wishes. No noice. No rush. No one waking him up in the middle of the night. No one cooking, no one dumpsterdiving, complaining, being reckless nor messing around. No one eating his hummus nor spoiling his Pasta Madre. No one to do dishes nor to clean toilets. Oh, actually this one wouldn't be a change :P

Happy Silent Christmas, Robino!


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what about this calendarial celebration?

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no clue yet Jaap! Will let

no clue yet Jaap! Will let you know if something comes up :)

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well, if you want to watch it

well, if you want to watch it all from the 8th floor, please come to my place! I have nothing set up, so it would be spontaneous. I just don't feel like leaving the city :)
I'll try to have some (good) wine. the supermarket is open until 6pm. otherwise I'll just take my wine to the known address!

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this years non-x-mass dinners

in accordance to what Lena writes this years non-x-mass dinners will be quiet and cosy. In casa on Thursday and on Friday at a special location. Show up a bit earlier than usual on Thursday and get in touch if you want to join Friday..

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christ mas?

christ mas?