A week in photos

A week in photos

Days come and go, weeks come and go, and so on. No day is the same, ever. In the past weeks we've had many wonderful people coming along and staying, and many great experiences. The photos are from Thursday to Thursday and the top 4 are by Tau

Thank you all for being who you are.


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What no fight !?

What no fight !?

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Beautiful beautiful people

Beautiful beautiful people (and kitten)! So much love x

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sweet pictures

sweet pictures

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beautiful pictures... I hate to say that but I wish I was there! (and here at the same time...) many hugs to everyone

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I came back in Amsterdam on

I came back in Amsterdam on Friday morning, the 18th of June and I stayed in and out till the 21st of July.

Walking in the renovated Zula and looking at the walls made me realize how things sometimes, even when they change, keep being the same. How fluid and organic growth is all around.

It felt like being back at home after long traveling: the experience you collect on the journey change you and you cannot wait to share this re-freshed self with the people you love.

Yet, so many things that somehow Casa inspired me, came with me during last year: not only PastaMadre, but something deeper that goes at the root of my ambitions and my priorities.

The challenge for me, that I face every time I’m back, is to be aware of my ambitions of personal change and, at the same time, accepting who I am. It is a matter of balance between being fluid and open enough to understand differences and similarities between people and characters, and the ability of not judging these differences and similarity. Possibly a matter of accepting that beauty is everywhere and that we are all interconnected.

So, Casa during the year I wasn’t there became for me a symbol of a personal change and an utopian place reconstructed and reshaped in my mind and in my heart. It became one important nest where to fly back, and a family of friends that I couldn’t wait to meet again. A place of care and of giving.

At the same time, by being back, I realized that Casa has been with me always: the people, the principles, the dreams are also mine. And I express them in my own way, with my own voice, with my own approach to life.

Thanks for your own beauty and for your care.

...And for the amazing scavanger hunt :)

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miss you!

I miss you all... and yet I'm so close. just a bikeride away, the luxury that many don't have. but I am going to make it up to you all. next thursday... I promise I promise. or rather, I left myself with no choice, no more excuses. I'll have a wonderful hitchhiker visiting & she cannot be stopped from passing by!

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why worry

about flying back to the u.s. when I have the warmth of family so close?

(but could someone please tell those italians in the group shot to stop talking and look at the camera?)

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So many people that I love, all in one place. Give each other a hug for me.