Room to sleep, tomorrow night

Hello Everyone,

my name's Leo, and I want to ask you whether me and my girl could sleep at the Casa tomorrow night. We're hitching towards Amsterdam starting tomorrow morning, and don't have anywhere yet (couchsurfing has let us down).
I can assure you we're genuinely nice people :)

If it's possible, please reply and tell us where to find you.

Lots of Love

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Just make a host-request and

Just make a host-request and we can take it from there. And I see you already did that :)

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Thanks for that.. smaua sent

Thanks for that..
smaua sent me a reply and directions, apparently, but when I click the link on the email it tells me that I'm not authorised. Can you send me the info some other way?
Also, I suddenly understood the first question, and no, I won't bring dead animals, and I won't want to devour any, either.


Please disregard this message, I'm an idiot. :) See you tomorrow.