Thursday night dinner

Hey guys,

I was wondering if I could come by and cook on Thursday night! It would be the first time I would try to do this for a lot of people but then I am adaptable and like challenges, and have this feeling it will work out perfectly :). The only thing is, I can only come at half past 6 or so so have no time to dumpster-dive with you on Thursday(or do I?). SO, can I just come and cook whatever was found lying around? :)

Is there something I should know before embarking on this,except that the oven is a slow moving turtle? :)

I hope there will be some helping hands and sun on the balcony :)


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Yes yes yes come come

Yes yes yes come come come!
Nobody seems to use the forum here anymore, probably best to post on the main page or status updates..
have a great time, enjoy the food! :)

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of course the forum is used.

of course the forum is used. people can use whatever they want, but sometimes replies can just take time - wherever you post something ;)

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Great that you want to come

Great that you want to come for dinner on Thursday! We have been having these dinners for a yeah and a half down and they are intended as participatory events, no-one really comes to just consume the dinner (some people do try to get away with it sometimes... ;))

You are very welcome to participate in the cooking, collecting and cleaning. And it is good that we already know about it - we will hopefully make sure there is enough to cook with.

And if anyone wants to participate in the dumpster-diving, just be here before 1630 and make sure you have a bike! (sometimes we can lend one but we don't always have enough). We normally go here so we can also meet up there. Just keep your eye open for fellow-divers.

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Of course :) and i can offer a helping hand also....