Harvest Season / Seasonal Work? (Anything?)

O' casa!

After a month in balkan lands and the most incredible days and moments I have ever known, the time has come to work my back out and push myself through the next two months.
Plan is to go up to denmark and find some harvest work there, but, still no contacts there that are working out.

Has anyone any contacts, anywhere in europe where I could get some work and earn some good money? I can do 60-80 hour work weeks without problem, but would prefer something outside, enriching, tender to the spirit. I was thinking of working the strawberry harvest in denmark for some time but no one seems to know much..any fruit picking would be marvelous
Ideas? Inspiration?
Perhaps this can act as a tool for others this summer too..



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Slovakia & Scandinavia

Hey Jass,

I am in paradise right now, in an ecovillage in Slovakia. If on the way back from Rumania you should hit these lands, come visit us! this is the most beautiful place in the world, I promise.
The website is http://www.zajezka.sk/ENindex.htm you can also find the directions to here. I hitched to here from PL, hh in Slovakia is great, not as bad as someone wrote on hitchwiki. You have to pay a few euros to stay here but it's really little and right now we are looking for the last partecipants for the footprint work camp (it costs 70€ but they give you travel money back and you can also get a discount if you organize a workshop).
I can give you some tips about seasonal jobs in Scandinavia for the rest of your trip, Norway is best (DK is also well paid, but it's harder to find something and in Norway people "throw jobs at you"), but right now I have limited time online. Hope to see you soon!


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Ah, I would love to do that,

Ah, I would love to do that, perhaps in late august I'll take that hookup..
But for the next two months, I really need to save up a little, living on almost nothing for too long becomes a mountain, it seems.

Anything else, casa world?

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jass i've been in berlin

jass i've been in berlin trying to ignore the internet as much as possible....but i'm sending you details as soon as I can for denmark and i can probably find some info for swtizerland for the fall. And if you're still in Belgrade I met a crazy hitchhiking performance artist yesterday who has some sort of creative project house full of more crazy people judging by the stories she told me.....

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Yessss, heather, all would be

Yessss, heather, all would be much appreciated!
Heading out to switzerland now..would any of those contacts work for the season now?
Leaving Belgrade tomorrow, would have loved to have stayed at this place..zoot alors!

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Oh in november? won't that be

Oh in november? won't that be bloody freezing?

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I have a great contact in Italy. They don't pay, but give you room in board. Olive season is not until November. but let me know if you would like to do it!