Today is robino day

Today is robino day

If you didn't know already about this massive event the casa was waiting (being cleaned) for you're missing something, Today it's Robino day ! It's Robino Birthday !

Our preferred tyrant is growing up today hopefully for the better, after a review of the troops and the state of the palace in the morning by our king, a full week-end of celebration will start to mark the occasion of our beloved Birthday.

A banquet at Zula Palace will take place followed by His Majesty the King (not so waited) speech, the event will of course be televised live nation-wide

It is expected that several royals from across Europe will Hitchhike for the milestone birthday !
It is also expect there will be a lot of alcohol (hopefully really early)

we hope you can come and celebrate with us (don't forget the wine), if not, we hope you celebrate in solidarity!

xo with a little help from my friend


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And so another great day passed.

And so another great day passed. It was a wonderful celebration, and I really am very grateful for all the nice presents and wonderful surprises I received that day: dozens of e-mails and phone-calls, two paintings, poems, a very clean house, a record player, incense, growing fruits, beers, wonderful atmosphere and great food.

I was obviously very surprised when I saw this post but the humor behind it is great. So thank you all.

See for more thank-you-notes also what I wrote on my own blog:

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herzlichen glueckwunsch!

all da best to you, robino! be merry and keep rockin the boat of life. :)

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an honorary parade and celebration has happened in istanbul to commemorate the event.

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Happy presents and greatfullness for being healthy w friends..

Happy BiRthday Robin,

Please regard the vacuum cleaner as a present from us, Kasper bought it for me a couple of years ago as a present because Im allergic to dust and now we officially pass it on to you after a period of guesting in the casa, im sure that as casa property it will keep on being helpful to remove dusting parasites. We will buy a new one for us since we go to work and we're also going to buy a new tent, no problem.


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His majesty

This event his celebrated in all civilized places; unlike here... but I will try to inforce it now ;)

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Happy Birthday Robin

It's still your birthday here in the States. I hope you're still celebrating as I type this comment. Drink lots of water.

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don't let that guy make any Casa decisions!

Just pour him tea - there is a teapot, right? RIGHT?!?

Or wine.

Love you !!!!!!!!!