Requirements to stay at home.

Hello, my name is Jose. I'm from Spain. I know what are the requirements to stay at home.
Thank you very much for responding.

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you have to love us

There is only one condition maybe: you have to love us.

In a different way, the question doesn't have an answer though. I think that on one level you have to love to dig through trash, cook for 20 people, clean afterwards, and smile the whole time :)

Responding in a different way: we are what can be called a S-L-U-T-House: Self Liberated Unorganized Traveler's Home.

When you are here, maybe you want to come around and see for yourself. To be able to stay here, you have to fit in somehow, which is sometimes a lot easier than it sounds.

Come over for a Thursday night open dinner I'd suggest, or for a pancake Sunday. Maybe you will love us :)

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Where is it?


I want to go to Casa Robino, but i don't know exactly what the phone and address.
Is the house in the area of Noord? Are it on the street Strekkerweg or Ataturk?

Thank you very much.

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almost but it's not exactly

almost but it's not exactly that we're in independent state inside this ous but still you should find us easily even if it's small, the borderline between country on map are usually quite big