brewing kombucha tea

brewing kombucha tea

I couldn't have carried the little mushroom jar to Istanbul-- my bags were packed full as it was, and the snow would have gotten the best of the nutrients stored within and killed or dulled all of them, so I left it at casa.

You, too, can seize the opportunity to take Kombucha powers into your own hands and brew this healthy fermented tea beverage! I already purchased a 2-liter glass container that will hold the fermenting batch (it just has to be sterilized first in boiling water for 20 minutes), and enough raw sugar to last a while.

The link below provides step-by-step instructions:

But, in case you're too lazy to read/click around much, generally keep these things in mind:
1. Anything that comes into contact with the kombucha culture should be absolutely sterile. Also wash your hands and the counter tops Before handling it.
2. Don't touch it with metal.
3. The fermenting jar (with the kombucha & tea) should be kept at a regularly warm to hot temperature at all times & away from cigarette smoke & air impurities. The jar should be covered with a sterile cheesecloth (or similar material) & fastened with a rubber band.
4. Use bottled spring water to brew the tea, not city water, which is chloronated & will kill vital bacteria.
5. Try brewing a batch with the karavan tea. Or get some oolong. Both make good varieties.

(For any more info on how to actually prepare it, read through the link. Since we only have a 2 liter jar, ignore the whole 5 liters of water bit ;).


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Briliant! I'm wondering how

I'm wondering how it would be to make kvass with pastamadre starter. maybe that could be my mission for my next visit to the Casa...