how to make soap

Ordering this little booklet on how to make soap and having it send to Amsterdam is costly but if anyone is in the US it would be great if we could have it lightfooted (also check the other booklet of the same author called "Make your Place".

The booklet would be great also in relation to what Jass wrote earlier about community projects & member integration

"How To Make Soap" contains basic directions, recipes, a list of resources, and assorted tips and tricks to make your homemade soaps special. Raleigh takes a seemingly arduous task and makes it breezy and fun, with her charming hand-drawn illustrations and easy to follow directions. A great guide (at a great price) for the beginning soapmaker, looking for a place to start.

Ah, and sooon I hope we will have a new content type on this website to make a listing of things we want for the casa.


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sounds great! I've been

sounds great! I've been making soap for the boat (they were using icky products) out of lemon, baking soda, vinegar, water, and a drop of something yummy smelling like peppermint. It's great and works well! yay for the sea!

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On your way

I can receive this book where I used to work in NY if the shipping will manage before the 25th of January. Can send it through Daan in Berlin. More books on communities will probably also go on the same way. Temporal destination: Casa. Final destination: Valentina's personal library when I will get back to Casa at one point in the future.

I will send you an email with details :)

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coming your way

  • How to Make Soap: Without Burning Your Face Off
  • Life Under the Jolly Roger: Reflections on Golden Age (link)
  • Make Your Place: Affordable & Sustainable Nesting Skills (link)
  • Voices of a People's History of the United States (link)
  • Roadside Bicycle Repair: A Pocket Manifesto (link)
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Me and Jeremy were always talking about the soap making :)
My Oncle in the south of spain makes soap with fried oil (they ONLY use olive oil) and they gave me some pieces of soap and I totally loved it and washed in it (although they meant to give me only for clothes or floor cleaning) and enjoyed my envy while smelling the fried fish on my skin, haha. Daan is in NY should he bring the book?

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yeah - the first time I heard

yeah - the first time I heard of the idea of soap-making came from Jeremie. There is lots of ways of doing it, but when I saw this booklet I was like: wow great now it can actually also be put in practice by people who pass by, who knows?

So I will order the booklet and possibly some more. I hope Daan has enough space though!