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Finally... after various delays accumulating to several weeks, my flatshare got the first delivery of organic food from our food cooperative.
Getting the whole process working demanded a lot of energy from the few really committed people, but now we have a solid base to grow on. There's FoodSoft, a kind of online store with included task and member management written in rails, we have a bank account on a bank that invests in social and ecological projects only, a nice cellar and great people involved. A mailing list is online, a wiki is to come and we have already tons of people who want to participate (now that it's working :>).
So far, we get food from the best organic food distributor in Berlin, an organic bakery and a small fair trade coffee project. Sure direct contacts to a farm would be perfect but a collaboration between a local farmer and 4 Berlin food coops didn't work out in the past - it was uneconomic for the farm to spend almost a day on delivering to the cooperatives.
The more our project grows, the less money do we have to spend on corporate sugar poison stores. Yeh! :)
Personally, I plan on additional dumpstering in Berlin... I never really got to it, which is a shame. Also I stopped buying meat, it was way about time. I wasn't buying meat in the supermarket since a long time already, but I had Chinese or Turkish food with meat every now and then. I will still eat meat that's given to me (like when you're invited by people on the road), that my roomie or my fam'ly cooked anyway or buy organic meat if I really feel I need to... which probably won't happen.


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that's geat stuff to hear.

that's geat stuff to hear. Berlin is wonderful for food-coops (just like Barcelona by the way). And that piece of software sounds totally awesome. It is just great how these things can work together, if you have the right people that is :)

I dumpstered in Berlin. It was amazing. We went to this Turkish market (you must know the name as there is only one) on I believe a Saturday it was. We went by car and we never imagined what one could dumpster in 15 minutes.

We had boxes full of tomatos, courgettes and peaches, in addition to all sorts of other fruits and veggies. I should fine those photos again, we had like 20 boxes of food in total I think. And we didn't even have to go around the market to ask - they just came to bring boxes to us!!!

I think this is also because they have to pay for their trash, so they were happy to get rid of it. The market is only on twice a week I believe, but you can find amazing amounts of good food.