Wiki Project in the US

I am in hopes of speaking w/someone well versed in wiki. I currently have tikiwiki loaded on my site. I want to use it as an interal, real-time processor for peer contribution. We are hobos so it is rather freight hopping orientated. We additionally have Waystations ( , a network of Outposts set up throughout the US, Canada and Mexico which would also need to be included. I have loaded the software (I have cPanel) and I keep banging my head against a brick wall as each time I try to access an 'article' it gives a 404. The trade off value is that your members would, quite likely have access to our resources and whoever actually helps with the wiki (just need some fundamental instructions as I can't find any decent tutorials anywhere) I can probably paypal a few bucks. If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]. (If this is in the wrong area, please post in the proper area).

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I wanted to update this to

I wanted to update this to inform folks that I wiped tiki off and have opted for MediaWiki. The offer still stands.