hello, I'd like to book a room for one with a view and breakfast service please.

12 May 2011
Where aren't you from?: 
Allright, I'm not from Kenya, I admit it....but only because zsuzsanna keeps scolding me for lying.
Will you bring dead animals into the house?: 
Make up your own personal password: 
warmoesstraat is niet lekker elke dag
How did you find out about the Casa?: 
fellow hobo and maple syrup lover, the-tree-hugging-fool-stubbinski
Why do you want to stay in the Casa?: 
The main reason is to take advantage of free room and board...Also to use the 'olarrr' for the selfish reason, that I haven't had an oven in 3 months and am craving cake (evil and non-evil versions, sorry Zuphit). To teach marc how to make cheesecake between long rants on the balcony, and revisit that comfy couch at casa rozen. The chocolate is better in the benelux region than it is here. To run away from the purple man if he tries to give me a hug. To have fights with kitten. To revisit my bike, if she's still alive. Inshallah. Because after 5.5 years of aimless wandering casa became my home, and I've suffered from stockholm syndrome, so much so that I'm almost...almost missing robins pindakaas sambal creations...and no one here loves my bad sense of humour and sarcasm as he does. Mostly because I see a lot of new faces to terrorize, confuse and obey my commands. So it will be fun. And that waistlines have decrease in my absence. Oh, and I miss stroopwafles, with nutella a la mathieu, and after living in a temperate Mediterranean climate for so long, I started to miss sunny dutch weather.
Do you use Windows, Mac OS or you like freedom?: 
I use pen and paper...
What is your favourite question in life?: 
where are you from and what do you do?
Are you a bike-breaker or bike-fixer?: 
Anything else?: 
I promise not to stay so long this time, just a couple of days...I'm on my way to scotland to roll in a field of heathers and reclaim my clans castle. So just a couple of five course meals. Dates of course aren't exact, you never know how long it will take me to get across a continent.


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So I heard from unnamed

So I heard from unnamed sources that you started hitching and were unsure you could stay! Oh my, how could we ever reject a H-E-A-T-H-E-R ??

Spring is almost over here, I am sure rain will start pouring down once you get here. We would be delighted though. We got some chocolate saved up for you, Anu brought it last Sunday for mother's day, so we think you're a good target for that.

The bike you had, has been stolen though. Long story, and of course it is mostly my fault. But not to worry as Martina has already provided another short-person bike for you, one that cycles even nicer.

Can't wait to not laugh at your silly jokes and to clean the kitchen after you baked numerous cakes :)

Much love, and happy trails! And don't worry about ringing the doorbell late at night - I am sleeping one floor up.

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oh too bad :(, I think Im

oh too bad :(,

I think Im arriving in Amsterdam on a thursday anyways, so mabe I can come by for dinner, and maybe there will be space for me later for a week.

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Hey, I am really sorry. But

Hey, I am really sorry. But at the moment we have many long term hosts and the casa could not possibly stand anymore growth.

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Hey Heather. I am very sorry

Hey Heather. I am very sorry to hear there is no space at the moment - the intention of the casa is to have space for people like you! I hope soon there will be, and once I am back in Amsterdam, I am looking forward to meet and maybe in the meantime, there might be some space, who knows...

Every thursday there is open dinner anyway. I will send you some details by e-mail :) Am looking very much forward to find out more about your sourdough cakes!

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