Getting along just fine! A project for the casa!

Well everyone at the Casa,

when will I walk through the zula again or stay in the cave? I feel I have been separated from you for too long now. I miss the decadence of Amsterdam. The bustle of Centraal Station. I miss the cold winters. The drunken french songs. All of it, I miss. I guess maybe at some point or another I will be back to share some funny stories and times in the Casa. Till then I would like to propose an idea that I would love to see done at the Casa. I am currently starting a graphic novel/comic or something along those lines. It is about life and the things that happen in life. It is called "This Should Never Be Done." The idea behind it is a list of things that should never be done, things that have made your life difficult at times or maybe cause some trouble for you. It can be witty, it can be crass, it can be anything that you feel or know should never be done. So send me a list and ask each person entering the casa to send me one via e-mail when they get there. So like this... Never... etc. You get the idea. I got a job and moved into an apartment and I am paying rent and no more trains for a little while but, I need something to occupy my time right?
So help me out.

Love to all of you and be safe and travel fast!

Oh and Davide, I love you. Come back to the states so I can show you how to ride a freight train.


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steady appartment? Can't

steady appartment? Can't believe that!

project sound great, I was actually thinking of a new feature for users to see what kind of projects they can participate in, or help creating them. Might get around it soon. But it is easier anyway to send us some paper with description, or maybe someone here wants to do that - so to hang it somewhere and or to pass around.