Totally Random, Rancid Love Attack

Government officials have verified our reporters field report from earlier this morning... Casa have been infected with a yet unknown illness called Loving Oral Virile Epedemicus also known short as LOVE.

I went walking today in Tiergarten and had to walk for quite some time before I realized I had no thoughts on my mind. I was quasi a mindless wanderer. It took some time before it actually came into my mind that the only thought on my 5 hour walk was that there was completely empty in my head. This was a great realization to get just before I got back into the house. Such and empty mind I had not had since the days I visited Casa and it gives me great comfort to be able to say that once again I shared smiles with random strangers and got *the wink* from the sex-starved REAL cashier.

Besides that there is a Big fat Guitar in my ear, which makes me bang my head... (up, down, up, down).



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good God! we created a

good God!
we created a monster in only 4 days...
Inspired inspirator, mindless mind, thoughtless thinker, I declare you my love!