host me !

27 Apr 2010 15:02
2 May 2010 15:02
Where aren't you from?: 
Will you bring dead animals into the house?: 
How did you find out about the Casa?: 
through george, a long while back
Why do you want to stay in the Casa?: 
quite simply because I love the casa, and I feel more at home than in my actual home.
What would be your favourite activity in casa?: 
I gasp with pleasure while dish washing
I dive into bins to make my face look pretty
I would like to go swimming in your lake balcony and drink its contents till it's all gone.
Do you use Windows, Mac OS or you like freedom?: 
I don't hate freedom
What is your favourite question in life?: 
What country should I move to next?
Are you a bike-breaker or bike-fixer?: 
Anything else?: 
I want to give kitten a back rub. I've been practicing on my own cat, which is a larger kitten look-a-like.


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i want your hug!!!!

i want your hug!!!!

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hi anca! in turkish, the word

hi anca!
in turkish, the word "pasta" means "cake". a pastanesi is a cake shop. the turkish word for italian pasta is "makarna", just so that no one confuses it with cake.

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